Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Look of Leadership

This afternoon our Latin Club officers met for the first time.  They were elected in the spring so they could hit the ground running this fall, and did they ever run!  I started the meeting by asking each officer to share what Latin Club could be this year.  After hearing some great, broad ideas, I put three activities on the board that we do ever year.  I then gave them a challenge and left them alone.  Their challenge was to give a broad skeleton to their ideas and to put together some details for August and September.  I strolled down the hall to give them their space.  When I returned, I expected to find six teens engaged in conversation.  What I found was that and more.  My board had been filled with ideas, and genuine leadership was emerging from within the group of officers.  My biggest challenge was to keep the smile from leaping off my face.

This is an extraordinary group of officers.  I cannot wait to see where they will lead us!

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